Dr. Denè Starks McGee

SpecialityFOUNDER/CEO - Diversif-I Education Group

Dr. Dene’ Starks-McGee is an educator, speaker, author, radio and film
producer, international speaker, a certified trauma specialist, and business
consultant. Dr. Starks-McGee specializes in working with other professionals to find innovative and sustainable ways to transform lives through teaching and learning. Dr. Starks-McGee serves as facilitator of governance workshops, leadership development programs, and strategic planning for organizations within the United States and Abroad. Her professional experience includes developing community and economic development programs with a focus on student and staff development, workforce development, and compliance monitoring. In 2019, Ms. Starks was awarded with the Community Impact Award from the Sacramento Tapestry for her passion and extensive work transforming lives in the community.

In 2016, Dene′ became a published author, with her debut writing in the book “Stand Up, Be Heard,” where she participated as one of fifteen authors sharing her story of triumph. Since that time, Dene′ has gone on to publish a book project entitled, “What’s Next” a guide for next level marketing, “MISGUIDED: A Journey to Self-Love and Self-Discovery, and in 2022 she published a guided grief journal entitled “In HIM We Have HOPE.” Of all her accomplishments, her greatest accomplishment was accepting the Lord Jesus Christ and the call on her life to teach and preach the unadulterated truth of the gospel. Dr. Starks-McGee is a licensed evangelist who has been afforded the opportunity to speak all over the United States at various conferences, services, and workshops. Dr. Starks-McGee is unapologetically unashamed of her relationship with Jesus Christ and uses faith based and non- faith-based platforms as an opportunity to express her faith in Christ and show the love of Christ to others. Through her journey, Dene’ has discovered her passion to inspire, equip, and motivate people from all walks of life to follow their dreams.


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